Christine Peterson

Chris Peterson Serves on GRCC Board

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Christine Peterson

Christine Peterson is serving on the GRCC Board and Executive Committee as the Vice Chair Small Business.

First, Adrienne Cole and her team are doing an amazing job on behalf of our community. In her role as Vice Chair Small Business, Chris is focusing on the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. This focus is in the areas of training, advocacy and connectivity. The GRCC is creating a Small Business Advisory Committee to:

  • Help finalize the agendas and content for GRCC events
  • Identify any areas of needs for small businesses on which the Chamber could offer programming
  • Provide events, resources, and information to small business members so they can sustain, grow, and scale their businesses

New Events

The Chamber has created two new events for small businesses.

  • Coffee with Leaders – this is a speaker series for small business owners to connect with and learn from established leaders.
  • Small Business Hot Topic – this program focuses on various topics to leverage subject matter expertise.

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