Integrated Security Program at Institute of Management Accountants

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Christine Peterson

Chris Peterson presented “What is Integrated Security and Why Does it Matter to You?” at the Institute of Management Accountants.

An integrated security program operates best when the business and security processes work together in harmony. Starting from the ground up, this presentation addresses creating a solid foundation that facilitates your company’s mission, while integrating and operating a security program that allows for sustainable growth and profit.

How important is security?

Is the culture of an organization is critical to its success?

Where does that culture come from?

How important are the employees, clients, physical and intellectual assets of your business?

Therefore, shouldn’t the protection of your critical assets be a component of your culture?

Above all, the role of security is not a department or a person.  It should be a living and dynamic program that aligns with the company’s strategy and is integrated into every part of the business.