Christine Peterson Presents at Tammy Lynn Center

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Tammy Lynn Center logoOn June 29, Christine Peterson, CPP, ISP, presented “Security: It’s Everybody’s Job” to the entire Tammy Lynn Center employee team.

Founded in 1969, Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities empowers families and enriches the lives of children and adults through education, community and support services. They provide hope and opportunities for individuals to learn, live and grow to their fullest potential.

The program included an overview of everyone’s role in their own security.  The program also covered de-escalation concepts and active shooter response. Chris presented the programs three times over the day so all employees would have the opportunity to participate. Protus3 provided valuable training that will support and protect the organization, its employees, clients, their families and our community.

“Under pressure, we do not rise to the occasion, we fall back on our training/skills – whether good or bad” paraphrased by the Navy Seals from the original quote from Archilochus “We don’t rise to the level of our expectation; we fall to the level of our training.”

Plan. Protect. Prosper.

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