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Protus3 Completes Project for Bennett Aerospace

Protus3 News, Security Survey

Bennett AerospaceProtus3 conducted a Limited Scope Security Assessment for Bennett Aerospace.

Visits were made to the Cary office to conduct a physical security and technology review and meet with several members of the Bennett Aerospace leadership team who were able to provide valuable information including knowledge of operational issues and critical departments identified as having specific security vulnerabilities and concerns. The remaining time was spent reviewing, evaluating, and analyzing the information gathered and comparing it against the applicable security recommendations and industry best practices. Based on information obtained from these meetings, facility tours and documentation provided, Protus3 submitted a report outlining the status of the current security program.

Bennett Aerospace, Inc.’s purpose is to deliver cutting edge science and technology solutions to U.S. Government customers in order to help safeguard our nation and keep us a world-leader. As a Professional Services / Management consulting firm and innovative solutions provider in the areas of science and technology, Bennett Aerospace professionally recruits, manages and supports engineers, scientists, researchers and technologists so that they are fully skilled and ready, on day one, to perform with integrity, performance and quality.

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