BCBS Corporate Security Leadership Conference

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Chris Peterson and Tasha Dyson presented training at the 18th Annual BCBS Corporate Security Leadership Conference in Durham, NC.

Tasha Dyson

Tasha presented “Background and Social Media Investigations.”

This program covered basic concepts and processes for conducting background investigations, including data sources and identifying information. The program covered address searches, criminal/civil record searches, credit reports, driving histories, and other searches common to background investigations. Attendees heard about when certain searches are recommended, data sources, data limitations, search parameters, and how to interpret results.

In the second part of the program, attendees were provided with an overview of information available on social media. The program provided a brief overview of the various social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) and the information contained on each. The program discussed search suggestions as well as limitations on available information.

Christine Peterson

Chris presented “Managing Aggressive Behavior and Workplace Violence.”

This program provided format, structure, and information to attendees such that they will be capable of helping preparing and implement workplace violence prevention and response plans. This program examined the factors and behaviors that contribute to workplace violence and strategies and procedures to address this problem at the organizational and supervisory level. The presentation included analysis of previous incidents and the taxonomy of violence precursors and triggers in the workplace environment. The program material included procedures and protocols for developing WPV prevention programs and planning responses to these events should they occur. The program included a basic train-the-trainer primer for dealing with difficult and aggressive people that is intended as part of the training model for preparing and implementing a workplace prevention plan.

The BCBS Corporate Security Leadership Conference also included presentations from Admiral Security, Everbridge, Department of Homeland Security, and Strategic Security Connection.

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