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An employee comes to you and tells you that her uncle bought some of your company’s products at a very good price. The employee asks how he could make the purchase at less than the employee discount. That afternoon, you receive a call from the local police department. They report that some of your company’s products have been spotted at …

Cell Phones Are Safe… Aren’t They?

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Imagine this scenario: You’re unavoidably called out of town for the week and are reluctantly forced to delegate the operation of a meeting with some important clients to Bob, an employee who, despite his best efforts, is less than “tech-savvy.” Everything seems to be going swimmingly though, and the meeting is set to begin on time. Just before everyone takes …

Practical Considerations for Blast Mitigation

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We were recently asked by a client to provide information on how they should protect their facility from potential vehicle-born improvised explosive devices. Although this information was written specifically for an educational facility, the principles of how and when to apply blast mitigation procedures and protocols are appropriate for a variety of other companies and organizations as well.

The Basics of Computer Forensics

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In recent years, shows like CSI and others have made the general public aware of the concept of forensics – the use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts in criminal or civil courts of law (Source: However, based on storytelling time constraints imposed on television shows and movies, certain processes and procedures are often oversimplified, enhanced, and …


Be Prepared to Stand Alone: Planning for Weather Related Emergencies

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No one can control the weather, and weather can only be predicted accurately for a day or so into the future. With regard to specific locations, severe weather that can create extreme conditions and pose threats to life and property can only be predicted a few hours or a few minutes in advance. Within this parameter, weather emergencies may occur …

Preparing for the Ordinary Means Protection for the Extraordinary

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Although this article was originally written for electrical utilities, the concepts apply to other companies and organizations. Darren Nix of Risk Management Associates authored this article originally published in Security Products Magazine. Increased security at Electrical Utility companies for the prevention of ordinary events also provides protection for the extraordinary events. There has been a tremendous focus on protecting our …

Preparing for a Pandemic

Protus3 Security Program Development

When planning for a pandemic, masks and gloves are the last thing you need. When considering a response to a pandemic, most employers immediately think of personal protective equipment (PPE), which are less effective measures used to protect employees and the public. Work practice, engineering controls, and administrative controls are far more effective but generally take more advanced time and …

How to Choose an Integrator

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A key component to choosing an appropriate security system is a vulnerability assessment or a security threat analysis of a facility. Once an organization’s security needs have been determined, an appropriate security system can be designed to meet those needs. Critically important to the success of these projects is the choice of a qualified systems integrator to install the necessary …

Creating a Master Plan

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The process of developing a Master Security Plan begins with and has its foundation in the information, outcomes and recommendations of the assessment activities. Creating an integrated security plan to guide a security program is rooted in the existing organization, policies and procedures, culture and characteristics of the population. Each of these is surveyed and determined during the security survey/vulnerability …