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We have always used some type of applicant screening process, and looked at it as if it was a necessary evil. Online screening tools did get the “due diligence” boxed check off in the hiring process. However, after several revolving door type hires we turned to Protus3 for a screening solution that did more. They helped us understand what we were getting from an online records review service and how minor details can go unnoticed without a trained eye reviewing all the piece-parts that make up a screening report. Working with the Protus3 investigations team, we determined that adding a thorough social media activity review in addition to the criminal and civil records search would give us better information for hiring decisions. Adding this one detail has significantly reduced our short-term turnover. It also costs far less than going through an employment agency “temp-to-permanent” process or the damage to our agency’s reputation for high turnover or hiring candidates that didn’t fit within the high-trust culture we’ve established with clients.
– Dan Gregory, Vice President of Hummingbird Creative Group

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