Michael R. Longmire, MPA

Michael LongmireSecurity Consultant/Investigator
Law enforcement and security professional since 1971

Place of Birth: Washington, DC
Education and Experience: Masters Degree in Public Administration, North Carolina State University. Thirty-year police career with the City of Raleigh. US Army.
Affiliations: Member of ASIS International.

What are some notable or memorable projects?
As part of a team, I have taken on several high-profile and challenging investigative projects during the last few years, including the investigations of three police chiefs, government ethics investigations, and Sarbanes-Oxley mandated inquiries into corporate malfeasance and embezzlement. I have led the RMA management team in its efforts to grow and seek out business opportunities across the globe. RMA has been awarded nearly $3 million in government contracts in recent months, and our corporate work in all areas of service is on an upswing. I hope that the role of the private sector security generalist will emerge as a true partner with the public sector. At RMA, we strive to promote that philosophy with our clients.