Counterclockwise from lower left: Michael K. Tucker, Christine L. Peterson, Jerry T. Blanchard, William F. Booth, Michael R. Longmire

For companies, agencies and organizations needing protection from threats likely affecting their bottom line, Protus3 is the only security consulting, investigations and design firm with a commitment to provide fully comprehensive programs and controls so clients will have the assets and stability to prosper because we carry discussions further. With an approachable, perceptive and responsive team, Protus3 serves as advocates for their clients and performs with flawless execution. 

“Protus3 is committed to providing fully comprehensive security programs and controls so clients will have the assets and stability to prosper,” says Jerry Blanchard, CEO of Protus3. “Our role as a client partner is to develop the appropriate level of security to protect our clients’ assets and economic advantage. Protus3 focuses on securing people, processes, and technology within the business model of our clients to best protect them from threats likely to affect their bottom line.”

The Protus3 brand reflects three lines of service: security consulting, design, and investigative services. Through these lines of service, Protus3 helps clients prosper by protecting people (reducing the risk of loss from injury and litigation), intellectual property (trade secrets, customer information, etc. being made available to competitors or company employees poaching more profitable customers to start a competitive business), and assets (reducing the risk of theft or damage). Protus3 offers careful examination aimed to preserve facts without producing additional cost or harm to the client, and always focuses on the best economic outcome.